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Visible Learning into Action for Teachers II

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This session will build off the work of Visible Learning into Action for Teachers I. Key questions that teachers will reflect upon include: To what extent am I an inspired, passionate and impactful teacher? Do I have a Visible Learning classroom? Teachers will be introduced to a new set of tools, strategies and resources, and they will have time to plan their next Impact cycle, which will focus on further developing their teaching and their Visible Learningplus classroom. 

Corwin Visible Learning Foundation Series: Visible Learning into Action for Teachers

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain insights into how others have implemented Visible Learning in their school/district context
  • Understand the core concepts of two Visible Learning strands: Visible Learning and Know Thy Impact
  • Analyze the types of evidence that can be used to understand the needs of their students
  • Know how to plan and carry out a Visible Learning Impact Cycle


Session 1: Sharing Impact Cycles: Teachers will engage in a collaborative sharing discussion regarding the impact cycle that they created following Visible Learning for Teachers I

Session 2: Mind frames: Teachers will reflect upon key “ways of thinking” that are most likely to have major impacts on student learning

Session 3: Inspired and Passionate Teacher: Teachers will review key resources and gather data to identify their ability to engage in inspired and passionate teaching

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