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Visible Learning for Literacy by Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey

Literacy learning is the key to success, not just in school but in life


Visible Learning for Literacy PD Resource Center

Bestselling authors Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey have put together the tools you need to deliver effective PD exploring high-impact literacy practices: response to intervention, collaborative learning, feedback, concept mapping, reciprocal teaching, questioning and more. Your teachers may think they have these practices covered, but the Visible Learning for Literacy PD Resource Center shows how using the right approach at the right phase of learning—surface, deep, and transfer—will accelerate student learning, while using these same strategies at the wrong phase can actually set students back.

Your Visible Learning for Literacy PD Resource Center includes:

  • 7 modules for both K-5 and 6-12 with more than 10 hours of focused study and job-embedded application per grade band
  • A detailed Facilitator’s Guide with step-by-step instructions for each module
  • Ready-to-present PowerPoints
  • Carefully paced sessions with videos, handouts, and lesson starters
  • Opportunities for teachers to practice what they’ve learned in their classrooms and reflect with their colleagues

Visible Learning for Literacy PD Resource Center: $499 per building

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