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The Visible Learner Sessions

The Visible Learner sessions are intended to either build on the foundational knowledge that has already been acquired through the Foundation Series or begin the Visible Learningplus journey with an immediate focus on the development of the learner. Educators will delve deeply into the Visible Learner, one of the five strands that have come out John Hattie’s research based around the question "what works best for student achievement?"


Developing Visible Learners

Learn the four core components of what a Visible Learner is and discover how to turn students into Visible Learners.


Developing Assessment-Capable Visible Learners 1

Dive deep into one of the four core components of a Visible Learner, the assessment-capable learner, and identify characteristics of an assessment-capable visible learner and the approaches for developing these characteristics in schools and classrooms.


Developing Assessment-Capable Visible Learners 2

Receive the learning and support in order to build capacity and implementation in your classroom and continue with full immersion into processes for self-assessing, self-reflecting, and goal setting for learners’ progress towards assessment-capability.


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