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The Program

The 5 Phases of Deep Equity

The foundational 5 phases underpins the Deep Equity process to:

  • Establish a safe climate to allow staff and students to engage in open conversations about persistent inequities
  • Identify the root causes of inequities in educational systems
  • Focus on practical applications of culturally responsive teaching for classroom teachers
  • Create a long-term, sustainable plan for systemic transformation

5 Foundational Phases of Deep Equity


How the Deep Equity Model Works

train the trainer model

1. Develop School Leadership Teams in each school
Teams of 5-7 educators from each school within a district attend 7 days of School Leadership training led by a certified Deep Equity consultant to gain the process, protocols, language, and tools to engage in courageous, authentic, measurable, sustainable work in their buildings.

2. School Leadership Team members lead school reform at each site
School Leadership Team members engage the rest of their colleagues in sustained PD activities around addressing systemic barriers to achievement and creating culturally responsive learning environments.

3. Embed culturally responsive teaching into everyday practice
Educators use culturally resoponsive teaching strategies to create a culture of equity, inclusion, and excellence in every classroom and schoolwide.


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