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The Impact Series is the second component of the School Impact Process. This series alllows educators to delve deeply into a specific area of need or take the next step after the Foundation Series in the School Impact Process. Our team of consultants will help you master the practices that create the biggest gains in achievement for students by focusing on your areas of greatest need.

Bring Visible Learningplus to Your School 

The Impact Series Workshops 


Developing Assessment Capable Visible Learners


Where am I going? How am I going? Where to next? These questions are the foundation for developing assessment-capable visible learners.


Feedback That Makes Learning Visible


The Visible Learning research tells us that feedback has a big impact on student achievement. This seminar focuses on effective types of feedback and ways to provide effective feedback to your students.


Using Data to Evaluate Your Impact


How does data inform decision making? In this seminar, you will learn how to calculate effect sizes and interpret evidence to show impact.


Creating Effective Assessments for Teaching and Learning


There are many ways to collect information about what students know and can do. Learn how to create effective pre- and post-tests using the taxonomy of your choice as the framework for effective and reliable design.


Mindframes for Impact


Learn more about what mindframes for impact look like and sound like in action. This workshop provides you with the tools and resources to evaluate and monitor the mindframes of teachers and students you work with. 


How Students Learn


During this workshop you will learn about the newest research about the science of how we learn, conducted by John Hattie and colleagues from Melbourne University Education.