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Text Complexity Institute

June 23, 2017
San Diego State University

$399 per person

Experienced readers understand that reading is simultaneously a top-down and bottom-up process. They work quickly both to notice the kind of text they’re reading and to notice the topic(s) the text is addressing (top down). Those details help experienced readers change or refine their initial understandings. Those refined understandings guide experienced readers’ noticing of additional details that in turn lead to more refined understandings. In this institute, participants will focus on a sequence of seven different kinds of lessons designed both to teach kids four rules of notice and to make meaning with what they have noticed. Participants will experience the lessons and have a chance develop lessons on their own.

Want more? Attend a full week of learning with Doug Fisher, Kristin Anderson, Laura Besser, Sonja Alexander, AND Michael Smith by bundling this institute with the Making Literacy Visible Institute from June 19-22 for $848 per person.