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Additional Resources for Teacher Clarity

The Teacher Clarity Playbook: A Hands-On Guide to Creating Learning Intentions and Success Criteria for Organized, Effective Instruction, First Edition

On a clear day, you can learn forever— that’s the adapted lyric you’ll be happily humming once you’ve covered this playbook, because you will have mastered using learning intentions and success criteria, the twin engines of Teacher Clarity. This template-filled guide shows you how to own it, do it, and live it—and your students will be more successful as a result.



VIDEO: The Success Criteria Playbook: A Framework for Making Learning Visible and Measurable

Watch this conversation with Tommy Thompson, Doug Fisher, along with other educators, about how success criteria provides a framework for making learning visible.

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On-Demand Webinar

Teacher Clarity: Making Learning Visible for Students, Presented by Doug Fisher and John Almarode

Teacher clarity just requires that you know what students need to learn, communicate learning intentions and success criteria to students, and deliver lessons in a coherent way so students will learn more. View this webinar for expert insight on how to get started.



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