Teacher Clarity

Developed by Larry Ainsworth

Ever-evolving standards and assessments can make it feel like you are trying to hit a moving target. With the Teacher Clarity professional learning series educators will learn to align standards, assessment and instruction in a step-by-step process designed to bring clarity to both teachers and students. After all, students are at the heart of the learning.

Students can do anything they set their minds to- with a sharp focus on what is important to learn, it is possible to triple students’ rate of academic growth in the span of just one year.

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Learning Intentions and Success Criteria Workshops

With an effect size of .75, Teacher Clarity is arguably the most important because it makes all other effects of what impact learning possible.

When teachers gain clarity and work together to focus in on the most important standards, they address 80-90% of what is assessed statewide. With ongoing, embedded formative assessment aligned to clear learning intentions and criteria for success, the result is a visible learner who is assessment-capable and equipped with strategies to take ownership of learning.

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Next steps… Student Clarity!

Check out our Co-Constructing Success Criteria Workshop and Partnering with Students Workshop!

It’s as critically important for students to have clarity of their learning intentions and success criteria to achieve a unit of study.

A shared understanding of learning progressions allows for formative assessment and feedback.

Intentionally aligned to follow the same format as the Learning Intentions and Success Criteria workshop, Co-Constructing Success Criteria, and Partnering with Students help you deepen your implementation of Teacher Clarity and achieve the maximum effect size of 1.44, Assessment Capable Learners, which triples the rate of learning.

Teacher Clarity Toolkit

Learning Intentions Definitions
Success Criteria Definitions

Student Investment in Learning Poster
Boost student investment with this colorful poster that helps you engage learners where they are.

Learn how Learning Intentions and Success Criteria are embedded in Common Formative Assessments 2.0

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