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School Climate

School Climate
Leading With Collective Efficacy

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© 2018 | 232 pages | Corwin

Build a positive school climate to impact students, teachers, and the community!


Is improving school climate on your to-do list? Do you think about it as a top-down directive or as a dialogue to build equity within the school? A healthy school environment should never be seen as an option, but instead supported as a must-have.


Peter DeWitt offers leaders practical high impact strategies to improve school climate, deepen involvement in student learning, and engage a broader family network. In addition to international vignettes focused on community stakeholders and research-based practices, this book features tools such as:

•  A leadership growth cycle to help leaders build their self-efficacy

•  A teacher observation cycle centered on building collective efficacy

•  An early warning system to identify potential at-risk students

•  Action steps following each chapter to apply to your own setting

•  Discussion questions for use in team environments


Establishing a supportive and inclusive school climate where professionals can take risks to improve the lives of students is vital to maximize learning in any school community.

"This is a fabulous book by a renowned expert in the field of leadership. Peter DeWitt explains the complex and credible in a way that is thought-provoking, challenging and inspiring. I love how he gives insights in what successful collaborative leadership is and shows how we can all build our skills and mindset for leading towards collective efficacy."

—James Nottingham, Challenging Learning author and creator of #TheLearningPit

JN Partnership LTD, Northumberland, United Kingdom

About the Author
Introduction: A Tale of Two Leaders
Meet Tim  
Meet Trudy  
Leadership and School Climate  
Chapter 1. What Is Collaborative Leadership?
The Hattie Effect  
The Importance of Self-Efficacy  
In Pursuit of Collaboration  
What the Research Says  
Collaborative Leadership Framework  
Collaborative Leadership Growth Cycle  
In the End  
Chapter 2. School Climate: Setting Up a Safe Space to Collaborate
Why Does School Climate Matter?  
Collaborative Leadership Framework for Teachers  
Solving the Issues: Collaboration in Action  
In the End  
Chapter 3. Climate Change: Raising Student Self-Efficacy
Social-Emotional Learning  
Minoritized Populations  
The Early Warning System (EWS)  
Using the Early Warning System  
A Warning About the EWS  
In the End  
Chapter 4. Increasing Teacher Self-Efficacy
The Cycle of Collaborative Teacher Observation: A Review  
Professional Learning and Development (PLD)  
Teacher Leaders and School Climate  
Building Collective Efficacy Through Collaborative Inquiry  
Classroom Climate  
In the End  
Chapter 5. Building Collective Efficacy With Families
What Do We Expect From Families?  
Family Engagement Communication  
Do We Openly Listen to Families?  
In the End  
Chapter 6. Building Our Own Self-Efficacy
A Tale of Two Leaders  
What’s Your Mindset?  
How Do Leaders Increase Their Own Self-Efficacy?  
In the End  
Collaborative Leadership Reflection Tool  
Faculty Meeting Exit Ticket  
Teacher Efficacy Scale (Short Form)  
Collective Teacher Efficacy Scale  
Leadership Self-Efficacy Scale  

"In School Climate: Leading With Collective Efficacy, Peter DeWitt delivers in print what he so readily delivers in person -- clarity and coherence around a most important topic. As a former high school principal and district leader, DeWitt leaves me with both the confidence that I can do this, and the understanding of how I can make progress, starting today. This is a must read for any school leader."

Kerry Alcorn, Teacher/Author/Leader
Saskatoon Public School Division, Saskatoon, Canada

"Peter DeWitt gives school leaders exactly what they need, research-based school improvement strategies that work effectively in schools today. Our instructional leadership teams, working with Peter over the past year building teachers’ self-efficacy and collective teacher efficacy, are now co-constructing a school culture where everyone not only grows, but thrives. School Climate: Leading With Collective Efficacy is a roadmap to this proven approach to student success."

Matthew Bolduc, Director of Curriculum and Professional Development
Bellingham Public Schools, Bellingham, MA

"Supported by current educational research, and grounded in powerful leadership narratives, Dewitt offers a compelling case for leaders and learning communities to collaborate to achieve collective efficacy for student success.  The practical strategies, research citations, conceptual frameworks, rubrics, and self-assessment tools provide leaders with practical instruments for reflection, setting intentions, securing accountability, and measuring the impact of a collaborative climate and culture."

Jill Ott, Project Lead-Supporting LGBTQ Students
Ontario Principals' Council, Ontario, Canada

"As educators we consistently hear about the importance of collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creatively and in School Climate, Peter DeWitt highlights the additional key element ‘Climate’. By providing action steps, discussion questions and reflective tools, this book helps guide teachers, leaders and those teachers who aspire to be leaders, to develop a positive school climate. Increased self-awareness encourages teachers to become more reflective and effective, which develops a more collaborative school climate. Providing effective strategies throughout, this book is relevant and applicable to all school contexts, teams and individuals."

Andrea Stringer, Professional Learning Coach
Sydney, Australia

"After reading DeWitt's book on collaborative leadership and school climate, my own self-efficacy improved. I closed the cover feeling empowered and eager to share what I've learned. The discussion questions bring practicality to the possibility of implementation and excitement about the potential results."

Sera Deo, MST, 4th Grade Teacher
Miller Hill Elementary School, Averill Park, NY

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