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Let's make the "next normal" a "better normal."

Explore professional books and service offerings for teachers, coaches, and school leaders so that, together, we can benefit from the lessons learned to accelerate learning, rebuild agency, and rethink schools. It's time to "rebound" to a better normal!

When you're looking for leadership expertise. look to Corwin. We wrote the book on leadership

 Corwin has one mission: to enhance education through intentional professional learning.

 When you’re looking for leadership expertise. Look to Corwin.  We wrote the book on leadership.



"Practical strategies for building coach-leader relationships"

Coach It Further by Peter M. Dewitt

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Leadership is complex work. High quality leadership coaching is one of the most effective methods of professional development for leaders. Coach It Further uses a narrative format to illustrate the important aspects of leadership that leaders and coaches can work on together to achieve their shared goals.

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NEW published in Aug. 2018 from Peter M DeWitt!

How to inspire your leaders to become learners. Peter DeWitt has his own take on leadership: school leaders, like the best athletes, need coaches. Leadership coaching offers principals the opportunity to learn with someone from outside of their typical circle of influence on a weekly or monthly basis. The coaching process can provide focus, offer outside perspective, raise self-efficacy, and help build collective efficacy.

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