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Program Planning

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Successful implementation of a Collaborative Impact Program depends on a sense of collective urgency driven by a belief that system-wide reform will only be successful and sustainable if stakeholders from all levels of the system commit to the program. System leaders will work collaboratively with Corwin certified Visible Learningplus consultants to:

  • Establish a district guiding coalition to lead the program
  • Recruit and appoint an implementation team
  • Assess the needs of the district
  • Develop and implement a Visible Learningplus professional learning program
  • Design and implement a formative and summative monitoring and evaluation program

Seminars & Consulting Services

Establish a Guiding Coalition
Drive reform by determining goals, appointing the implementation team, and ensuring long-term commitment when you establish a guiding coalition of stakeholders from all levels. 

Online Support Team
The guiding coalition, working with Visible Learningplus consultants, will form an online support team to create and maintain a collaborative online community to support Visible Leanringplus implementation.

Implementation Day
Visible Learningplus consultants can provide additional support days for planning, coaching, and change facilitation

Corwin Visible Learning CIP: Coaching

Impact Coaching

Impact coaches are critical to the successful implementation of Visible Learningplus. They support school leaders and classroom teachers during the Impact Cycle as they collect and analyze evidence and implement Visible Learningplus practices. Corwin certified Visible Learningplus consultants will train and support impact coaches through seminars observation, and one-on-one coaching.

Impact Coaching I
Impact coaches will learn strategies and skills to support the implementation of visible Learningplus in schools.

Impact Coaching II
Impact coaches further develop skills for conducting open-to-learning conversations and classroom observations. 

Questions about the Visible Learningplus Collaborative Impact Program? Ask a Corwin Education Consultant!