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Program Overview

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Who is the Collaborative Impact Program for?

The key feature of the Collaborative Impact program is that it is designed as a system response. This means building alignment between every level of the system: students, teachers, school leaders, and system leaders. The program deliberately includes key roles, practices, and tools that support the development of reciprocal learning connections between each of these groups.

Corwin Visible Learning CIP: Learning Outcomes

Timeframe for Improvement

School systems are complex organizations that vary in size and shape. The Visible Learningplus Collaborative Impact program, when implemented with fidelity, has been proven to produce both immediate and long-term improvement. The program’s flexible framework can be customized based on a school district’s needs and goals.

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Impact Cycles

Visible Learningplus schools will engage in 3-5 Impact Cycles, with each cycle lasting up to one school year. The Impact Cycles allow schools to collect and measure evidence to maximize the effectiveness of the program and its impact on teacher practice and student learning.

Questions about the Visible Learningplus Collaborative Impact Program? Ask a Corwin Education Consultant!