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Peter M. DeWitt

DeWitt, Peter

Peter DeWitt (Ed.D.), a former school principal in Upstate, NY, previously taught elementary school for 11 years. His syndicated blog, Finding Common Ground, is published by Education Week and he is a freelance writer for Vanguard Magazine. Peter has traveled the world, developing content, visiting school sites, influencing policy, and presenting with John Hattie. He has worked with educators at schools, districts, educational service centers, and educational organizations, including the Council of Chief State School Officials. His presentations focus on school leadership, school climate, as well as safeguarding LGBT students and other social justice topics.

Areas of expertise
  • Equity and Diversity
  • Student-Centered Classrooms
  • Collaborative Leadership
Certified in
  • School Voice
  • Visible Learning
  • High Impact Instruction


  • Collaborative Leadership: 6 Influences that Matter Most: In order to really put a focus on learning we need to let parents in on the secret of school, encourage student voice, and maximize the efficacy of teachers so that all stakeholders feel that they have a place at the table. Collaborative leadership: 6 Influences That Matter Most focuses on how leaders can use 6 of John Hattie’s high effect influences on learning to foster growth in their teachers and put the focus on learning for students.

  • Flipped Communication: In this seminar, Peter DeWitt teaches school leaders how to flip their meetings and parent communication, build better engagement in the school community, and steer clear of the pitfalls associated with technology. Attendees will be able to use flipped communication to actively engage stakeholders, utilize different methods of flipping their meetings, and streamline meetings so all stakeholders can focus on what is important.

  • Dignity for All: Safeguarding LGBT Students: In this workshop, Peter DeWitt explains how LGBT students' needs can be met and how school administrators and staff can help safeguard "at risk" populations. The workshop will provide academic and teaching resources, as well as ways that administrators can set the tone for a more inclusive school environment that will be beneficial for all schools.

  • Student Voice and Aspirations Workshops: These workshops are a series of four one-day events exploring strategies for harnessing a voice that deserves to be heard; cultivating an engaged classroom; and ensuring overall positive academic, personal, and social outcomes.

  • High-Impact Instruction Workshops:These workshops reveal proven teaching practices that have the greatest effect on student learning, and show that small changes can make a big impact on moving towards better instruction in every classroom.

  • The Visible Learningplus Collaborative Impact Program: Supports systems in creating the conditions to bring about ongoing and sustainable improvement in achievement for all students. The customized program aligns system leaders, school leaders, and teachers with a proven process to build capacity for change over 3-5 impact cycles.

  • The Visible Learningplus Foundation Series: Begin your Visible Learning journey by building foundational knowledge of the Visible Learning research. Teachers and schools will be introduced to tools for gathering evidence in their schools and classrooms and to create a plan for making learning visible for all students.

  • The Visible Learningplus The Inside Series: Once school teams have developed an action plan through the Foundation Series, educators can dive deeper into various strands of Visible Learningplus with the Inside Series. In these individual seminars, you can focus on the areas of greatest need for your school based on your implementation plan.