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EdCan Network/CEA

Corwin is proud to partner with the EdCan Network/CEA, a network of passionate educators advancing ideas for greater student and teacher engagement in public education.

As a thought and action leader, the EdCan Network supports governments, school districts, faculties of education and other stakeholders across Canada - networks of 'thinkers and doers' in the education research, policy, and practice fields, and outside of education in the not-for-profit and business sectors. The network's membership and other active networks include governments, school districts, parents, teachers, universities, and individual researchers, as well as private sector and community organizations.

Corwin will support the EdCan Network through the extension of a 20% discount for EdCan Network organization members on all Corwin titles. Be sure to use your member promo code when you place your order. (Contact if you do not have your code.) Corwin looks forward to supporting the EdCan Network and their members as they explore and implement the work of our authors.

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