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Worlds of Making

Worlds of Making
Best Practices for Establishing a Makerspace for Your School

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February 2015 | 80 pages | Corwin

Makerspaces: Your questions answered here!

Get the nuts and bolts on imagining, planning, creating, and managing a cutting-edge Makerspace for your school community. Nationally recognized expert Laura Fleming provides all the answers in this breakthrough guide. From inception through implementation, you’ll find invaluable guidance for creating a vibrant Makerspace on any budget. Practical strategies and anecdotal examples help you:

  • Create an action plan for your own personalized Makerspace
  • Align activities to standards
  • Showcase student creations

Use this must-have guide to painlessly build a robust, unique learning environment that puts learning back in the hands of your students!

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"Laura Fleming does an exquisite job of creating a guide for all schools to tap into students’ innate desire to create, tinker, invent, and make to learn. Leveraging her experience as a practitioner she provides a compelling, yet simple recipe for any school or educator to transform any space into a makerspace on a shoestring budget. It is time to bring the fun back into learning!"
—Eric Sheninger, Corwin Author, Digital Leadership

"Fleming provides a concise overview of the Maker Movement as a revolution taking place in learning today. This book makes a case for the importance of creating a culture of innovation and offers practical tips and strategies for those interested in creating their own makerspaces."
—Greg Toppo, Education Reporter
USA Today

Preface by Peter DeWitt
1. The Maker Movement
2. Planning Your Makerspace
3. Setting Up Your Makerspace
4. Creating a Maker Culture in Your School
5. Makerspaces and the Standards
6. The "Expert" Maker
7. Makerspaces and the School Library
8. Makerspaces as a Unique Learning Environment
9. Showcasing Student Creations
10. Makerspaces as Catalysts for Future Change
11. School Leaders
Key features

One of the most exciting movements in education today is the creation of makerspaces.  Learn how to create a vibrant, robust makerspace for your school community that can serve as a hub for students to unleash their creativity.  Here you’ll find:

  • An overview of the maker movement

  • Practical strategies you can use right away

  • Anecdotal examples and best practices of successful makerspaces

  • A purposeful plan of action for creating your own personalized makerspace that best serves your school community

Sample Materials & Chapters

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