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Authentic Intellectual Work

Authentic Intellectual Work
Improving Teaching for Rigorous Learning

December 2015 | 152 pages | Corwin

Build teacher capacity to promote students' authentic intellectual work

In spite of numerous reforms to improve rigor and relevance in the classroom, our schools have been slow to change. This work provides

  • A research-validated, field-tested framework that can be applied across grades and disciplines
  • A powerful professional learning component that emphasizes teacher collaboration
  • Detailed examples of lessons, assignments, assessment tasks, and student work

Backed by over 20 years of research, the Authentic Intellectual Work (AIW) framework helps school-based teams improve the quality of instruction, assessment, and curriculum for higher and more equitable student learning.

“Newmann and colleagues offer a refreshing approach to research and professional development, which deeply honors teachers' critical inquiry and collaboration. Thanks to their insights, educators finally have a framework for promoting rigor and relevance across all grades and subjects. Those who join this journey will reap the rewards of increased teacher engagement and improved student learning.”
Linda Darling-Hammond, Charles E. Ducommun Professor of Education
Stanford University

“Authentic Intellectual Work enables educators to overcome challenges to Common Core implementation. Newmann, Carmichael, and King explain how the AIW approach builds the culture of collaboration and trust required for successful school reform. Importantly, they show how collective professional development among teachers and school leaders can enhance educators’ learning and practice, leading to more equitable student outcomes.”
Greg Anrig, Senior Fellow
The Century Foundation

Part I: The AIW Framework
1. Authentic Intellectual Work: Criteria, Examples, Rationale
Part II: Teaching to Promote Authentic Intellectual Work: Criteria, Standards, and Rubrics
2. Construction of Knowledge
3. Disciplined Inquiry
4. Value Beyond School
Part III: Implementation that Builds Capacity
5. AIW Research
6. Internal Support: Building Capacity for Improved Teaching within Schools
7. External Support: Building Capacity for Improved Teaching within Schools

"This is the definitive volume on “authentic intellectual work”. It will guide educators in the collaboration they need to challenge each other's practices toward ever-increasing rigor, a fundamental building block of 21st century learning."

Ken Kay, CEO

"Authentic Intellectual Work has had a profound impact on policy, practice, and research in Australia for nearly two decades. Both the research and the professional development presented in this volume are compelling."

Jennifer Gore, Professor and Director
Teachers and Teaching Research Program, University of Newcastle, Australia
Key features
  1. Presents a research-validated, field-tested framework for teaching (Authentic Intellectual Work) and learning designed to increase student-engagement and interest in academic work, promote deeper levels of professional learning for educators, and prepare students to address the complex intellectual challenges of work, civic participation, and managing personal affairs.
  2. When implemented effectively, AIW is a proven means to enhancing levels of student achievement and narrowing of achievement gaps across racial and socioeconomic lines.
  3. Includes a powerful professional learning component that addresses methods of capacity building focused on teachers working collectively to improve their pactice.
  4. Framework can be applied to any academic or applied discipline.
  5. Includes artifacts spanning grade levels such as assignments and assessment tasks, student work samples, and teacher artifacts from professional learning.

Sample Materials & Chapters


Part I

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