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Professional Learning Redefined

Professional Learning Redefined
An Evidence-Based Guide

A Joint Publication with Learning Forward, Foreword by Diane Sweeney

March 2019 | 152 pages | Corwin

You’ve just found your new comprehensive guide to designing powerful professional learning!

Maybe you’ve run out of fresh ideas to help teachers improve their instructional practice. Maybe you need some help to feel as though your PLCs, coaching and workshops are making an impact. You’ve picked up the right book!

Isabel Sawyer and Marisa Ramirez-Stukey have studied the research on effective professional learning from the past 25 years and distilled these findings into this practical guide for the numerous roles of educators charged with supporting teachers. Readers will learn to construct a multi-year implementation framework and also

  • Facilitative techniques that support powerful professional learning
  • Planning tools to shift instruction at the school and district level
  • Functional characteristics of a successful facilitator able to combine content and context of learning

Full of protocols, strategies, and case studies, this book dissects the key components of professional learning, like coherence, connections, and content, and examines each through an evidence-based lens.  

About the Authors
Publisher's Acknowledgements
Tool Index
Chapter 1: Learning in the Teaching Profession
Chapter 2: Learning within Content
Chapter 3: Elements of Learning
Chapter 4: Learning Structures
Chapter 5: Lead Learner
Chapter 6: Connecting the Learning

Free resources

A Call to Action: Elevating Your Commitment to Change

A Call to Action: Elevating Your Commitment to Change

"When professional learning mirrors the student experiences we hope to create, teachers inherently have a deeper understanding of the feelings and effects on the learning that the experience creates." Read more from Professional Learning Redefined authors Isabel Sawyer and Marisa Stukey on Corwin Connect.

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Curricular Resource Planning Tool

Curricular Resource Planning Tool

Use this tool from Professional Learning Redefined to support your thinking about how to use curricular resources in planning for professional learning. Consider the coherence between the materials teachers have and the desired instructional strategies.


"This book provides a clear and practical understanding and approach to tackling the task of teacher learning at a time when “initiative fatigue” and “PD overload” are part of our everyday conversations. It allows us to pause for a moment, step back and examine our practices through a new lens. Professional Learning Redefined explains the “why” and the “how” of what we do."

Marine Avagyan, Ed.D., Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Saugus Union School District
Saugus Union School District

"In this text, Sawyer and Stukey connect building knowledge, learning, and planning for adult audiences that goes beyond professional learning communities."

Dr. Melissa Nixon, Director of Title I, Guilford County Schools
Guilford County Schools

"In Professional Learning Redefined, the authors have created a book where outcomes are clear, and the steps are realistic and useful.  I believe this book meets the need for a book on how to design professional learning."

Ronda J. Mitchell, Ed. D., Assistant Professor, College of Education at University of Illinois at Springfield
College of Education at University of Illinois at Springfield

"Professional Learning Redefined is an easy to use handbook that will help ensure that professional development is meaningful, relevant and connects back to student learning."

Dara Feldman, Educational Consultant, The Heart of Education, LLC
The Heart of Education, LLC

"Teachers have become complacent and bored with regular “trainings” because they don’t solve problems.  This book will put that idea away and support learning to those who are in the classroom and who don’t have a process for solving problems. Collaborative learning will holds teachers and administration accountable for all children learning to the best of their ability and removes the “PD from hell” syndrome."

Claudia A. Danna. Adjunct Professor, Sacred Heart University
Sacred Heart University

Sample Materials & Chapters

Foreword by Diane Sweeney

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