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The PLC+ framework has an emphasis on equity and activation, ensuring teacher teams answer the question of who benefited from the learning and who did not. Event attendees will walk away with a better understanding of the PLC+ framework -- its potential impact, the required steps for implementation, and how it builds individual and collective efficacy, as well as teacher credibility. 


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What we cover at PLC+ Institutes: 

Corwin’s PLC+ Institute provides attendees with a practical and evidence-based framework to support collaborative structures to support planning and implementation of student learning, as well as professional learning of teachers and teacher leaders. Come learn from top educational practioners in the field, take away practical and actionable strategies to make immediate impact in your schools, and more!







What we cover at PLC+ Certifications: 

The PLC+ Certification is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and techniques needed to support delivery of PLC+ professional learning in their schools. As a result of PLC+ certification, participants will be prepared to support and lead teams in engaging in collegial inquiry where members share knowledge, observe one another, analyze evidence of student learning, and capitalize and celebrate the collective expertise that exists with the team.