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Mindful Teacher, Mindful School

Mindful Teacher, Mindful School
Improving Wellbeing in Teaching and Learning

First Edition

© 2017 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Former school teacher turned mindfulness consultant Kevin Hawkins truly understands the joys of teaching and the desire to make a real difference in the lives of students, as well as the challenges and risks of burnout that most teachers experience on a daily basis.

With this guide to mindful practice, teachers new and experienced can learn how to use mindfulness in their own professional and personal lives as well as how to incorporate it in their teaching to support student well-being. Combining theory with practice and illustrated with real life stories, this guide will show readers: 
  • What mindfulness is 
  • The research and scientific evidence behind it 
  • How changing the way you approach situations can transform the way you feel 
  • How to manage stress, and look after yourself 
  • How teaching mindfully can help your students 
  • What mindfulness can do for the culture in your school 
Packed with DIY exercises, activities to use in the classroom, and links to resources and further reading, this inspiring book will support experienced and new teachers to maintain a healthy work-life balance and thrive as a teaching professional. 

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Chapter 1: Shifting The Focus
Chapter 2: Mindfulness: What is it? How can it help?
Chapter 3: Being Mindful: Stress Management and Self-Care
Chapter 4: Teaching Mindfully
Part 1: Bringing Mindful Awareness Into Our Classrooms
Part 2: Mindfulness and Relationship Competence in Teacher Training
Chapter 5: Teaching Mindfulness
Chapter 6: Mindfulness, Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Wellbeing
Part 1: Situating Mindful Awareness Training In Schools
Part 2: Mindfulness Based SEL in the classroom
Chapter 7: Mindful Teacher, Mindful School: Changing School Cultures
Chapter 8: Beyond Our Classrooms: Aligning with the Wider World

This book has a great deal to offer anyone with even the slightest curiosity as to what mindfulness entails and what it can offer.

Dr Amy Burns
University of Calgary's Werklund School of Education
Education Canada

If there is hope for deep societal change, it surely must rest on rethinking and recreating our industrial-age education system.  It is within this context that we need to view the growing interest in mindfulness in schools, which could, potentially, help guide us toward a system of education truly oriented toward human development.   But it could also end up as just another in a long line of educational fads. Work like that of Kevin Hawkins – based on the science and practice of cultivating mindfulness and grounded in extensive practical experience in schools - could tell the difference.

Peter M. Senge
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management

This book is a journey we need to go on in order to grow, learn and flourish as educators and learners. [...] Hawkins has filled my empty tank back up with hope and optimism for the future of our schools.

Hannah Smith
Schools Week

This book is written for teachers, by a teacher. Kevin truly understands the joys of teaching and the desire to make a real difference to students’ lives, as well as the challenges and risks of burnout that most teachers experience on a daily basis.  It provides teachers with the essential skills for self-care that will allow them to thrive in their professional and personal lives. It also offers a straightforward, natural progression: from being mindful, to teaching mindfully and engaging students, to teaching students mindfulness, and finally developing and sustaining a mindful school culture. Mindful Teacher, Mindful School is an excellent resource for those who want to begin, or to deepen, their own personal mindfulness practice, and to share their practice with students and the wider school community.

Amy Saltzman
Author of A Still Quiet Place: A Mindfulness Program for Teaching Children and Adolescents to Ease Stress and Difficult Emotions

Kevin has managed something I haven’t seen before in a book aimed at educators – he has combined theory with practice and real life stories and with a credibility borne out of experience. Without doubt, mindfulness will play a huge part in supporting the wellbeing of students and teachers.  One of the best ways to incorporate mindfulness in a school is for teachers to experience and model it, before they teach it. Crucially, this book shows how to do exactly that...

Malcolm Nicolson
– Director of Erimus Education; Head of IB MYP Development (2007-2013); Head of IB DP Development (2013-2015)

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