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Michael S. Kuczala

Kuczala, Michael

Mike Kuczala is a bestselling author and Academic Director for the Regional Training Center program in partnership with The College of New Jersey and La Salle University. He regularly delivers keynote addresses and professional development around the world on topics related to best instructional practice in the classroom.

Areas of expertise
  • Student Engagement
  • Brain- Friendly Learning
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Classroom Management
  • Kinesthetic Learning


  • The Kinesthetic Classroom: Teaching and Learning through Movement: Using movement, thoughtfulling and purposefully in all classrooms, is a brain-based approach to teaching and learning that helps teachers move from the traditional self-view of "teacher" to a new paradign of "faciliator of learning" and "designer of the learning environment". This concept not only supports the best instructional practices of brain-based teaching, differentiaition, and motivation, it also helps to create healthy students. This unique combination provides for transformative professional development that builds physical and academic change in classrooms in a meaningful way. Teachers will not only leave with dozens of immediately usable strategies for K-12 classrooms across all disciplines, they will gain a more focused understanding of how the brain learns and a working knowledge of a 6-part theoretical framework for using movement in order to raise student achievement.

What People are Saying

“For the past three years, Mike Kuczala has provided our district with high-quality, meaningful professional development on critical topics expertly tailored to the needs of our staff members. Mike's sessions are consistently well-received, with teachers across the PK-12 spectrum expressing positive feedback and requesting follow-up sessions.”

Dr. Dyanne Kerecman