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Literacy Stations / Literacy Centers – Deb Diller’s Book Series for Kindergarten through 4th Grade Classrooms

Simply Stations by Debbie Diller

Debbie Diller’s Simply Stations series streamlines and organizes proven literacy station / literacy center ideas into manageable chunks, station by station, to walk you through planning and organizing and on to teaching in whole groups and moving kids into partner practice. Every book provides answers to the perennial challenge, “What are the other kids doing while I’m teaching in small groups?” Plus, every book shows you how to make literacy stations more than just busy-work centers. Perfect for Kindergarten through 4th grade classroom teachers.

Every book in the Simply Station series includes:

  • Guidance on how to plan literacy stations using student data and key standards
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up and refreshing literacy stations
  • Sample lesson plans for teaching new skills so kids can practice with partners
  • Printable tools to use in planning, teaching, and literacy station practice
  • Materials lists, reflection guides, and recommended resources
  • Suggestions for refreshing the station to keep it running throughout the year
  • Full-color photographs to show what kids are doing at each literacy station

Literacy stations are all about practicing with purpose⁠—and books in the Simply Stations series give everything you and your students need to be successful!


Titles in the Simply Stations series include: 

  • Listening & Speaking (Available Spring 2020)
  • Independent Reading (Available Spring 2020)
  • Partner Reading (Available Fall 2020)
  • Writing (Available Spring 2021)
  • Poetry (Available Spring 2021)
  • Drama (Available Fall 2021)
  • Word Study (Available Spring 2022)
  • Research & Inquiry (Available Spring 2022)
  • Let’s Talk (Available Fall 2022)

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