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Learning Intentions and Success Criteria Workshops

with Larry Ainsworth

Renowned expert Larry Ainsworth, in partnership with Corwin, has developed two new seminars to create heightened levels of clarity regarding the learning intentions and success criteria - or the destination and roadmap - of teaching and learning. Join us in this effort to accelerate student growth like nothing else can.

These new engaging, hands-on seminars, accompanied by critical implementation days, will provide classroom educators and school leaders with a step-by-step process to ensure that teachers are absolutely clear about what their students need to learn, why they are learning it, and how they will learn it. The Learning Intentions and Success Criteria (LISC) series will assisteducators in gaining a deeper understanding around teacher clarity, which in turn will help them better articulate to their students what they want them to learn and be able to accomplish within a unit of study. With this clarity surrounding their learning goals, which provide the sharp focus for both instruction and assessment, teachers can achieve the maximum possible impact on student learning. 

LISC Implementation Days

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