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Charlotte Danielson

Leading Professional Conversations

Monday, December 5, 2016 - 3:30pm PDT

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Presented by Charlotte Danielson

Research has long suggested that the most powerful contributor to teacher growth and learning are the professional conversations that accompany observations of classroom practice and the analysis of student work. This webinar will explore the cultural and institutional structures that contribute to productive conversations and provide school leaders with the key first steps to enriching their conversations to improve teacher reflection and learning.

 Participants in this webinar will discover the:

  • Power of professional conversation to promote reflection on practice
  • Importance of professional consensus on the underlying assumptions of how schools operate, in terms of desired student learning, and the nature of both learning and teaching
  • Positive influence a principal's positional authority has on structuring the professional learning environment
  • Specific steps school leaders can take to ensure productive professional conversations, and therefore teacher reflection and learning.