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Leading Impact Teams One-day pre-conference workshop

Barb Pitchford

Paul Bloomberg

Do your teacher teams know their impact?

Effective teacher collaboration doesn’t just happen on its own. Some teams are able to make a real impact on student learning, while others are stuck spinning their wheels. What we know is this: the best teams have common practices and protocols in place that leverage the power of collective teacher efficacy and increase student ownership of learning.

The Impact Teams model brings to life an innovative and practical approach for teacher teams to strengthen collective efficacy by understanding their impact on student learning. When teacher teams believe they can make a difference for ALL students, they do! Learn how Impact Teams scale up teacher expertise by empowering students to own their learning through embedding student-centered assessment into classroom culture.

Attend this one-day session to learn about:

  • Purposeful collaborative protocols to scale up teacher and student expertise 
  • How to take collective action based on feedback from classroom formative assessment 
  • The 4 sources of efficacy that build student, teacher, and collective efficacy 
  • The Impact Teams 3-step classroom protocol for implementing quality self- and peer assessment and student goal setting