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Corwin - Peter DeWitt

Collaborative Leadership
with Peter DeWitt

What type of leadership do you practice? If your answer is transformational or instructional, you’re not alone. Many of us rely on these tenets. But there are better advantages in applying a holistic angle including all stakeholders—an approach known as collaborative leadership.

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Corwin - Russ Quaglia

School Voice
with Russ Quaglia

When students and teachers know they’re being heard, listened to, valued, and respected, they report a much higher level of engagement and involvement—leading to higher levels of academic and personal motivation. Put School Voice to work to inform, reform, and transform your school or district.

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Courageously Leading Instruction
with Cathy Lassiter

Discover the need for courage in the demanding and complex role of school leadership. You will examine your own leadership practices, explore how much courage you demonstrate as a school leader, and learn how to develop the courage that is required for your success. The Courageous Leadership Seminar Series consists of eight onsite professional learning sessions, a self- assessment which determines the leaders’ Courage Quotient or CQ, a deliberate practice planning process, and leadership coaching.

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Corwin - Michael Fullan

Motion Leadership in Action
with Michael Fullan

Michael Fullan provides keynotes on motion leadership, or how to “move” individuals, institutions, and whole systems forward. Participants will learn the theory and practice behind building momentum and implementing change. Suitable for district and school leaders who are leading system reform.

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Corwin - Jane Kise

Leadership Workshops
with Jane Kise

Educational consultant Jane Kise is considered a worldwide expert in Jungial type and is certified in Neuroscience and Jungian Personality. Her workshops include Differentiated School Leadership, Intentional School Leadership, Leadership Coaching for Collaboration, and more.

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Corwin - Marceta F. Reilly

Opening the Door to Coaching Conversations
with Marceta F. Reilly

This workshop shows school leaders the practical coaching-conversation techniques they need to engage and motivate their school communities to work collaboratively toward total school transformation. With this powerful approach, every member of the school community participates in the transformation of the school and shares in the celebration of successful changes!

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Realization: The Change Imperative for Deepening District-Wide Reform
with Lyn Sharratt

This session provides participants with a step-by-step approach to implementing lasting, positive change across an entire district. Participants will gain a wealth of school-specific strategies that support effective assessment and instructional practices to improve students' fundamental academic skills.

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Corwin - Eric Sheninger

Digital Leadership: Changing Paradigms for Changing Times
with Eric Sheninger

Attendees will learn how to harness the power of digital tools and social media accessible today to improve communications, enhance public relations, establish a brand presence, increase student engagement, transform learning spaces, discover opportunity, and grow professionally like never before.

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Ray and Julie Smith

Instructional Leadership
with Julie and Ray Smith

This highly interactive custom seminar for school/district leaders is designed to help them learn how to apply high-effect size, research based leadership strategies to directly impact instruction. The seminar focuses on how leaders can create and implement school improvement plans that directly impact instruction and learning for all rather than simply being a compliance document.

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