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Kathy Tuchman Glass

Glass, Kathy

Kathy Glass is an accomplished author and former teacher who consults and presents nationally with K-12 teachers and administrators. She tailors professional development around curriculum design and instruction for a variety of topics. 

Areas of expertise
  • Mapping Comprehensive Units to the Common Core
  • Backward Curriculum Design
  • Lesson Design for Differentiating Instruction


  • Mapping Comprehensive Units to the ELA Common Core Standards K-5 or 6-12: Lesson Design for Differentiated Instruction: Kathy Glass provides an overview of the ELA Common Core State Standards and the key shifts required for successful implementation. Presenting a comprehensive plan for designing effective curriculum around the standards, she introduces 5 key components:

    • essential understandings
    • guiding questions 
    • skills acquisition
    • assessments 
    • differentiation

What People are Saying

“I continue to admire your incredible ability to take lots of information and distill it into a concise & coherent format. Thanks for all your hard work with our teachers - they love working with you and the results are a testimonial to the power of teamwork!”

Anne Campbell, Superintendent
Portola Valley School District

“Kathy’s confidence in herself, and with teachers, really makes collaborating a wonderful process. She flexes, twists, and bends her curriculum talents beyond the norm of education. Collaborating with Kathy has helped me become a creative and sharper teacher.”

Classroom Teacher
Portola Valley School District

“Kathy is amazing. Her ability to process information and to give it back - helping to design curriculum is a gift. It would be great if she continues to directly work with our teachers.”

A. Pulliam, Resource Specialist Teacher
Hillsborough School District