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John Taylor Almarode

Almarode, John

John Almarode conducts staff development workshops, keynote addresses, and conference presentations on a variety of topics including student engagement, evidence-based practices, creating enriched environments that promote learning, and designing classrooms with the brain in mind. John’s action-packed workshops offer participants ready-to-use strategies and the brain rules that make them work.

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Areas of expertise
  • Brain-Based Teaching and Learning in Mathematics/Science
  • Engaging Adolescents in Math/Science
  • Best-Practice Math/ Science Instruction
Certified in

Visible Learning


  • Captivate, Activate, and Invigorate the Student Brain in Science and Math: This exciting, out-of-your-seat seminar looks at the "must have" ingredients for maximum engagement in your middle and secondary science and math classrooms. Start with captivating students - discovering what grabs the brain's attention, making it thirst for new learning. Then, experience the necessary steps to activating and invigorating the brain so that it's "rocking and rolling" in the classroom.
  • Teaching Young Science Minds: This workshop explores the "must haves" of a quality science experience for kindergarteners to fifth graders. How do we create a science experience that engages and sparks the interest of all students? How do we design a science experience that aligns with how the student brain learns and understands science? What are the hallmarks of effective science instruction? What is the role of inquiry in effective science instruction and how do we incorporate it into the daily lives of students? These questions and more will be addressed in this hands-on, minds-on, action-packed day of science. Participants will leave ready to ignite the passion for science in each and every learner.
  • From Snorkelers to Scuba Divers! Building and Engaging Deep Thinking Brains in Science: This action-packed, edge of your seat workshop looks at the latest research on student engagement in science, student thinking, and how to design science classrooms that promotes deep thinking and understanding. By practicing what we preach, audience members will take part in an "out of your seat and on your feet" experience that models the brain rules for deep thinking and understanding in science: simple to complex, concrete to abstract, and students only remember what they think about. This workshop will address classroom and student barriers to engagement and thinking by looking at brain differences in students with attention or processing challenges, such as ADHD or learning disabilities.

What People are Saying

“Excellent! Very motivational, current and immediately applicable. I appreciated both the factual research and the educational application. I would highly recommend this presentation to any of my colleagues.”

“John presented his Engaging Thinking Brains just the way we as teachers should be engaging our students' brains. It was an active, enthusiastic presentation which has me trying to implement the workshop strategies in my classroom. Well done, Mr. Almarode!”

“Outstanding presentation. EVERY teacher, no matter what grade level, should HAVE to hear what he has to say. I have quoted him so many times. Thank you for offering this wonderful speaker!”