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Jim Knight's High-Impact Instructional Coaching: An Institute for Coaches, Leaders, and Teachers

May 22, 2017
Palm Event Center 1184 Vineyard Ave Pleasanton, California

$299 per person

Discover Jim Knight’s 7 Critical Factors to Boost Coaching Success

California’s goal that every EL achieve English language proficiency and master the same challenging content standards as native speakers is certainly daunting. But coaching as a mechanism for realizing this growth doesn’t have to be. While many educational professionals find themselves in high-stakes coaching or leadership roles, they may lack the professional development tools to make an impact in their schools. That’s where Jim Knight’s High-Impact Instructional Coaching Institute fits in.

After nearly two decades of studying instructional coaching and working with more than 50,000 coaches worldwide, Jim Knight and his colleagues have identified the seven factors necessary for coaches to flourish. In this workshop, participants will learn how teachers, coaches, and teachers can zero in on high-impact strategies and a coaching model that makes a difference in student achievement, teacher engagement, and school climate