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Inspire Your Leaders to Become Learners

We expect our principals to be nimble, creative problem solvers who can think on their feet and respond with humor, empathy, calm, concern, and strength — but are we providing the resources needed to hone these skills? Create an environment where all leaders feel safe being learners and provide the coaching to help build collective efficacy.

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What is Collaborative Leadership?

Collaborative Leadership is an onsite professional learning series focused on the research-based influences that foster a supportive and inclusive school climate, increase academic and social-emotional learning, and maximize the efficacy of all school stakeholders. This series of one to five workshops defines the meet, model, motivate framework for collaborative leadership, identifies the four types of leaders, and builds capacity with actionable steps to inspire real improvement with a Foundation Day collaborative, coaching model of leadership.

Collaborative Leadership Takeaways

  • The six influences from Hattie’s research on which to focus
  • The redesign of existing structures to promote more impactful conversations with teachers, students, and parents
  • Increased ability to identify effective strategies for improvement
  • Increased consistency in providing feedback to teachers based on a common set of agreed upon effective components of teaching
  • Activities to use with teachers to encourage coaching feedback and increase teachers’ investment
  • The Claims, Evidence, Impact, Judgment model for providing feedback to teachers
  • How to communicate best practices and become a resource to all educators

Ask Me Anything

Educators across North America submitted leadership inquiries for a chance to receive feedback from Peter. Watch the videos below to see what he had to say about the issues that matter most to you.

Issues that Prevent Systemic Change

Alternative to Grading

Leading Without Intervening

The Influence that Initiates Collaborative Leadership


Who is Peter DeWitt?

Peter DeWitt (Ed.D) is a former K–5 teacher (11 years), principal (8 years), and current school leadership coach who keynotes nationally and internationally on the topics of collaborative leadership and fostering inclusive school climates. His work has been adopted at both the state and university levels, and he works with numerous school districts and school boards around North America and the U.K. Peter has presented with John Hattie (Visible Learning) and Jim Knight (Instructional Coaching).

  • Winner of School Administrators Association of New York State's (SAANYS) Outstanding Educator of the Year (2013)
  • Winner of Education Blogger of the Year (Academy of Education Arts & Sciences, 2015)
  • Included in the panel of experts for NBC Universal's Education Nation
  • Writer of the blog, Finding Common Ground, which has been hosted by Education Week since 2011 and has a national and international following

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