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White Paper

The Success Behind Teacher Collaboration: Leveraging Teacher Expertise to Drive School Innovation

Students across the country are struggling to be successful, and so are teachers. The Impact Team Model guides teacher teams on how to create a school culture in which teachers and students are partners, working together to build student ownership. In this whitepaper, learn how teacher teams can target the areas that have the highest impact and put the focus back where it belongs: on student learning.

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Student-Centered Assessment: Strengthening Student Ownership Through Impact Teams

Empowering students in their own learning through self- and peer assessment has one of the highest impacts on learning. However, to do so requires teacher teams to understand and implement the five core formative assessment practices with depth and rigor. Learn how Impact Teams implement a simple three-step classroom protocol that develops student ownership of learning.

Leading Impact Teams: Building a Culture of Efficacy

Impact Teams (a form of PLCs) are teams of educators committed to understanding their impact on student learning by focusing on critical learning goals, analyzing evidence, and taking collective action. In this webinar, Paul Bloomberg and Barb Pitchford will define the Impact Teams model, discuss the research behind it, and share two foundational protocols for leading Impact Teams. Learn how Impact Teams support collaborative learning around the formative assessment process in the classroom!



Leading Impact Teams: Student Demonstrated Self-Assessment

These 5th grade students are engaging in peer assessment for summary writing. Their teachers, Lana Regenbogen & Gabriella Pasquale recorded the video in the hallway during class.  They are ICT (Integrated Collaborative Teaching) teachers at PS 5 in Staten Island, NY.


Leading Impact Teams: Peer Assessment PE 1st Grade

Deanna Marco, the principal of PS 9 in Staten Island, engaged these first graders in peer assessment during physical education.  She recorded them in the hallway of the school, while the rest of the students were in PE. Jason Ericson, PE teacher at PS 9 developed the Bowling Peer Assessment Rubric.


Leading Impact Teams: Susie Mauldin Unpacking

Susie Mauldin, 6th grade communication arts teacher, talks about impact of the Impact Teams Model.


Leading Impact Teams: Leadership Interviews

Dr. Brian Waterman, principal of Lyons Township High School, and Karen Raino, Division Chair, discuss the power of purposeful protocols to ensure that student learning is emphasized during Impact Team meetings.


Additional Resources

Impact Teams Pre Assessment

What do you get out of your teacher team/PLC meetings?
Take the Impact Teams online assessment to see how your team can make an impact on student learning.

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Leading Impact Teams [book]

Excellent teachers make excellent schools. This resource taps into the scheduled team planning time schools already have, and repurposes it in a model that promotes teacher efficacy.

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Impact Teams Brochure

Download the brochure to learn more about the Impact Teams model

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Impact Teams Consulting [flyer]

Download and share the one-page flyer with your colleagues

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