Impact Teams

with Paul Bloomberg and Barb Pitchford

Leading Impact Teams

Empower students and teachers to take charge of their learning and build a culture of efficacy! Impact Teams (PLCs) are teams of educators committed to understanding their impact on student learning by focusing on critical learning goals, analyzing evidence, and taking collective action. In the Impact Teams workshop, you will learn how to use the simple but powerful 3-step universal protocol of (1) Evidence, (2) Analysis, and (3) Action. This model refocuses the traditional PLC process and puts students back at the center by:

  • Ensuring that students are an integral part of the formative assessment process
  • Strengthening teaching teams to know their impact on student learning
  • Clarifying learning goals and criteria for success for students
  • Utilizing evidence-based feedback
  • Building on students’ and teachers’ strengths
  • Taking collective action to build a culture of efficacy
  • Implement high-leverage research-based strategies that result in increased learning

What your Colleagues Say

"At East Central BOCES we rely on Dr. Paul Bloomberg's wealth of knowledge and practical resources support us as we guide and support Impact Teams. Many of the districts in our region have unique structures and Dr. Bloomberg has given us strategies that enable teachers in any situation to be successful. We have seen a shift from teaching curriculum page by page, to guiding students through the learning process. With Paul's support, teachers understand the importance of creating clear learning goals aligned to standards so the self and peer assessment is central to learning. Students in the East Central BOCES region are becoming self-directed, empowered learners!"

- Jodi Church, Staff Development Coordinator at the East Central BOCES

"Reeds Spring School District has been a "PLC" district for nine years, however, our teams have yet to utilize our data effectively to guide instruction, and more importantly, impact learning. In May 2015, the District had the great opportunity to work with The Core Collaborative Consultant, Barb Pitchford, as she guided administrators and two building grade level teams in the Impact Team process. The administrators and teachers were all in agreement that the Impact Team process "makes perfect sense" and the Impact Team protocol is an excellent protocol for refocusing the work of the teachers around what matters! Impact Teams are the missing link for our teams!"

- Dr. Chris Templeton - the assistant superintendent of Curriculum Instruction

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