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High-Impact Instruction One-day pre-conference workshop

What teaching practices have the greatest impact on student learning?

Jim Knight and his researchers at the Instructional Coaching Group have been exploring this question for over a decade. The result, described in his High-Impact Instruction: A Framework for Great Teaching, is a framework focused on content planning, formative assessment, engaging instruction, and community building, known as the Big Four.

Whether you’re a coach supporting teachers in their everyday practice or a teacher wanting to increase your effect on student learning, you will learn about the research-based, practical, Big Four high-yield teaching strategies at this institute. Pair this day with the two-day Annual Visible Learningplus Conference for a one-two punch of maximizing your impact on student learning.

Jim Knight

You learn about

  • Content Planning, including guiding questions and learning maps
  • Formative Assessment, including specific proficiencies, checks for understanding, and modifications to teaching
  • Engaging Instruction, including thinking prompts, effective questions, cooperative learning, stories, and authentic learning
  • Community Building, including learner-friendly culture, power with rather than power over, freedom within form, expectations, being a witness to the good, and correcting fluently