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Hawaii LISC/Impact Teams

November 10, 2017
Hawaii Okinawa Center 94-587 Ukee Street Waipahu, Hawaii 96797

$399 per person

Join Kara Vandas and Steve Ventura at the Impact Teams and Learning Intentions and Success Criteria institute for a day of learning.  

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria is a highly engaging, hands-on workshop will give educators and leaders a step-by-step, doable process to ensure that teachers are absolutely clear about what their students are to learn, why they are to learn it, and how

Impact Teams builds a culture of efficacy with and collaboration is more than a meeting where like-minded teachers meet to plan and talk about their students.  Collaboration is about sharing knowledge to build new knowledge on behalf of all students. The focus of the Impact Teams Model is to develop assessment capable learners through leveraging team time and teacher expertise to increase student ownership of learning.