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Welcome to the home of Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey’s on-site consulting services! Doug & Nancy know first-hand the many struggles facing schools across the country. Learn how their team of can help you build a strong foundation for literacy and math across your school or district.

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Literacy & Math Workshops

Invite Doug & Nancy's cadre of certified consultants to work hand-in-hand with your ELA and Math team!




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Distance Learning

Develop clarity around the most critical parts of instruction: learning intentions, success criteria, and learning progressions

Newly Available: Success Criteria Playbook Workshops

Engage in an active and empowering learning experience that will enhance understanding of how to create success criteria that support the monitoring of learners' progress, allows learners to self-reflect, and more!

What's missing from most PLC structures? Teacher learning. Time to bring the focus back to what matters most: teachers learning collaboratively about their impact on student learning.

As our transition from crisis teaching to distance learning comes to fruition, it is more critical than ever to organize virtual instruction with a clear set of learning intentions, success criteria, and instructional guidelines.

Newly Available: Simultaneous Learning Workshops

Learn how to design learning experiences that engage students in multiple different learning environments.




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