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Equity and Academic Language Institute

August 11, 2017 to August 12, 2017
Whittier College 13406 Philadelphia St, Whittier, CA

$399 per person

Which instructional and leadership practices are hurting or helping your students?

Join Ivannia Soto, Jamie Almanzan, Shelly Spiegel-Coleman, Margarita Calderon, Margo Gottlieb, Diane Stephens, Margaret Heritage, and more at the Equity and Academic Language Institute. Gain practical, research-based resources to help you enhance your leadership and instructional effectiveness with ELLs and diverse student populations.

Through linguistically and culturally responsive teaching practices, you will build a foundation to help students use the language associated with the academic language of school.

You will learn:

  • Powerful classroom practices that lead to success for ELLs and underserved students
  • Scaffolding strategies to help students use the language associated with the academic discourse of school subjects
  • The importance of dispelling cultural biases and appreciating the assets of all student groups
  • The essential components of academic language development (conversational discourse, vocabulary, syntax/grammar, and culture)
  • Principles for culturally responsive teaching that can be tailored to your unique student population
  • How to work collaboratively with parents and community members towards academic access and inclusion
  • How to recognize barriers to equity in your school systems and respond to issues that arise in diverse environments
  • How to empower students with lifelong skills that deepen relationships across differences and inspire them to be Youth Equity Stewards