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Let's make the "next normal" a "better normal."

Explore professional books and service offerings for teachers, coaches, and school leaders so that, together, we can benefit from the lessons learned to accelerate learning, rebuild agency, and rethink schools. It's time to "rebound" to a better normal!

Meet Our Consultants


Margarita Calderón & Shawn Slakk

Consulting Expertise:

  • Teaching academic language, reading comprehension, and writing in content classrooms
  • Teaching language, reading, and writing in the ELD/EL classroom
  • Whole-school PD on meeting instructional and programmatic needs of ELs
  • Advancing achievement of Long-term English learners
  • Site administrator, LEA, and SEA professional development focused on implementation, coaching, PLC support, and evaluation of language acquisition
  • Dual language implementation and program analysis


Maria Dove & Andrea Honigsfeld

Consulting Expertise:

  • Co-teaching for English learners
  • Teacher collaboration and partnership building
  • Instructional strategies for English learners
  • School leadership for diverse learning communities
  • Instructional coaching


Diane Staehr Fenner

Consulting Expertise:

  • Scaffolding content instruction for English learners
  • Integrating academic language instruction in content teaching to support ELs
  • Developing ELs’ literacy skills
  • Empowering all teachers to advocate and lead for ELs
  • Supporting coaching for all teachers of ELs


Margo Gottlieb 

Consulting Expertise:

  • Assessment as, for, and of learning in classroom and large-scale contexts
  • Academic language development and use
  • Curriculum design within linguistically and culturally sustainable frameworks
  • Standards-referenced teaching and learning with multilingual learners in mind
  • Education of multilingual learners for the twenty-first century

Tonya Ward Singer

Consulting Expertise:

  • Raising rigor and results of core literacy learning for ALL students
  • Integrating academic language development and collaborative conversations into every lesson every day
  • Using asset-based mindsets and strategies to increase EL engagement and motivation
  • Redesigning EL instruction to accelerate EL learning and prevent long-term ELs
  • Igniting core teacher agency and shared ownership to ensure ELs thrive


Ivannia Soto

Consulting Expertise:

  • ELL shadowing, which has been recognized by the Education Trust-West as a “promising practice”
  • The CA ELA/ELD Framework and standards
  • How to introduce and reinforce the explicit needs of Standard English learners
  • Academic Language Development Certification: a two-year teacher-leader process leading to recognition/ICLRT certification focused on academic language development
  • Building dual language instructional expertise


Debbie Zacarian

Consulting Expertise:

  • Strengthening instructional and leadership practices, preK-college
  • Enhancing family-school partnerships
  • Using a strengths-based approach with ELs living with trauma, violence, and chronic stress
  • Identifying and working with ELs with differences and disabilities
  • Policy analysis, writing, and strategic planning