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Developing Expert Learners

Developing Expert Learners

Monday, February 4, 2019 - 3:30pm

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We strive to empower our students to lead their own inquiry, discover knowledge, and construct approaches to solving real-life challenges. Often, though, we make the mistake of designing learning experiences that burden students with the unrealistic expectation of expertise that hasn’t yet been developed. The solution: proper scaffolding for surface, deep, and transfer learning. In this webinar, Michael McDowell will discuss practices that strategically support students as they move from novices to experts in core academics. 

Participants will learn:

  • High-impact strategies that ensure students develop ownership and confidence in their learning
  • Strategies for improving your professional expertise individually and collectively
  • Steps students must take to build, deepen, and apply core content knowledge and skills
  • An actionable framework for developing student expertise