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What is Deep Equity founded on?

The foundational 5 phases underpins the Deep Equity process to:

  • Establish a safe climate to allow staff and students to engage in open conversations about persistent inequities
  • Identify the root causes of inequities in educational systems
  • Focus on practical applications of culturally responsive teaching for classroom teachers
  • Create a long-term, sustainable plan for systemic transformation

Foundational 5 Phases


 Tone and Trust 

  • Build a climate of constructive collaboration and transcend the rhetoric of shame and blame.
  • Get tools to help gather real time data about the school climate.
  • Learn how to engage educators in open conversations about persistent inequities.

Personal Culture and Personal Journey

  • Define cultural competence and connect it with student outcomes.
  • Learn how lac of inclusivity in school climate can cause adults and students to bring less than their full energy and focus to the classroom.
  • Start action-research processes for strengthening the cultural competence of each adult in the school.

  Social Dominance to Social Justice

  • Explore issues of privilege, power, and difference.
  • Link issues of dominance to current educational inequities.
  • Get tools that identify inequities in the school/ district and elicit strategies for addressing those inequities. 

 Classroom Implications and Applications 

  • Honor professionalism and the good intentions of the team, while examining how some behaviors and beliefs may be getting in the way.
  • Learn which classroom interactions are most effective in reaching the full spectrum of diverse learners using the 7 Principles of Culturally Responsive Teaching. 

Systemic Transformation/ Planning for Change

  • Identify organizational barriers to equity and apply a three-stage model for organizational transformation.
  • Get tools that help plan and implement a 3-5 year initiative. 
  • Customize an evaluation design to track student outcomes and organizational growth. 




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