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Cultural Proficiency

Cultural proficiency is a mindset, a worldview, a way a person or an organization can effectively describe, respond to, and plan for issues that arise in diverse environments. See how the Cultural Proficiency model can shift the culture of your school or district through individual transformation and organizational change.

What Is Cultural Proficiency?

Cultural Proficiency is:

  • An inside-out approach to transformative change
  • A mindset, a way of being, that esteems culture while positively engaging and adapting to others
  • A model that builds foundational knowledge about the intersection of culture, history, and self-awareness relative to current school and community contexts
  • The development of deeply held values regarding equity, access, and inclusion that become a lens through which educators do their everyday tasks

Cultural Proficiency is based on the four tools for developing cultural competence:

Four tools for developing cultural competence



Put Cultural Proficiency into action!

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Corwin is your partner for making Cultural Proficiency a priority in your school or distract. Learn more about Cultural Proficiency books, consulting, institues and eCourses to your support journey. 

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