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How can we ensure ALL students succeed?

Corwin TeachALL is a much-needed tool for educators to strengthen their practice by using a research-based framework for understanding the factors that advance achievement of underserved students. Use this observation app to empower educators to plan, observe, and strengthen their practice using preloaded rubrics designed to help teachers reach ALL students. The Corwin TeachALL rubrics are grounded in four frames of learning (sociocultural, literacy, academic, and cognitive) and are designed to help educators support students in developing the academic language skills they need to be successful in school.

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  • Choose the appropriate observation criteria to personalize educator growth
  • Record observation notes within the app
  • Email and share detailed observation summaries
  • Watch videos of real teachers in real classrooms as examples of desired outcomes
  • Access your observation history to look at growth over time

Research Behind Corwin TeachALL

Students who understand and can communicate in the language that is used in school—academic language—possess the skills needed to achieve in school. Students identified as underperforming are often missing those academic language skills. The Corwin TeachALL app uses a research-based framework for understanding academic language learning as a sociocultural, literacy, academic, and cognitive learning process.

The rubrics and criteria are based on two major research reviews done by the National Literacy Panel and Center for Research on Equity and Diversity in Education (CREDE) as well as seminal research on child development and parent-school partnerships with respect to diverse learners. These studies point to how learning is a multi-faceted process that is encompassed in the four frames included in the Corwin TeachALL rubrics.


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The TeachALL app for Corwin is a must have for any school or district looking to take control of and improve their instructional walkthrough process. If you want to see a more holistic and complete view of instruction and student understanding than the Corwin TeachALL app needs to be on all your leadership's devices.
Steven W. Anderson, Author of The Relevant Educator and Content Curation