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Corwin Mathematics

Supporting Teachers, Empowering Students

At Corwin Math, we believe ALL students should have the opportunity to be successful in math, and ALL means ALL. With experts such as Peter Liljedahl, Peg Smith, Robert Berry, Jenny Bay-Williams, John SanGiovanni, Beth Kobett, John Staley, Karen Karp, and many more, you have a clear path to help all students gain access to rigorous mathematics learning; to learn to truly think, reason, fluently discuss mathematics; to form positive and strengths-based mathematical identities; and to see and use mathematics as a tool to effect change in their lives and communities. Through books, videos, webinars, and consulting, for elementary, middle school, and high school educators, we offer you tools that help you demystify math for your students. Our forward-thinking and practical resources help you enable all students to realize the power and beauty of math and its connection to everything they do.

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