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Miron, Gary

Gary J. Miron

Gary Miron has a diverse background in the field of education. He worked as a public school teacher in Michigan in the mid-1980s. Later he worked as an educational researcher and university instructor in the field of education. Currently, he is Principal Research Associate at Western Michigan University's Evaluation Center.

Patrick J. McEwan

Patrick J. McEwan is a Professor of Economics at Wellesley College and the Director of Latin American Studies at Wellesley College. His research interests include the impact and cost evaluation of education and social policy in Latin America, especially Chile and Honduras.

Cochran-Smith, Marilyn

Marilyn Cochran-Smith

Marilyn Cochran-Smith holds the John E. Cawthorne Endowed Chair in Teacher Education for Urban Schools at Boston College’s Lynch School of Education, where she directs the Doctoral Program in Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Cochran-Smith earned her Ph.D. in Language and Education from the University of Pennsylvania in 1982 where she was a tenured faculty member at the Graduate School of Education until going to Boston College in 1996.

Goldenberg, Claude

Claude Goldenberg

Claude Goldenberg, a native of Argentina, is Professor of Education at Stanford University. He received his AB from Princeton University and PhD from UCLA's Graduate School of Education. Goldenberg has taught junior high school in San Antonio, TX, and first grade in a bilingual elementary school in the Lennox School District near Los Angeles. Goldenberg was a National Academy of Education Spencer Fellow and a recipient (with Ronald Gallimore) of the Albert J.

Johnson, Evelyn

Evelyn S. Johnson

Evelyn S. Johnson is an associate professor of special education at Boise State University and the coauthor of RTI: A Practitioner’s Guide to Implementing Response to Intervention. She began her career in Washington in 1994 as a special education teacher, and then at the University of Washington, Seattle, where her research focused on the inclusion of students with disabilities in accountability systems.

Karen J. Rooney

Karen J. Rooney is director of Educational Enterprises, Inc. in Richmond, Virginia. She has taught in both private and public sectors and was the educational specialist in a multidisciplinary clinic before becoming director of The Learning Resource Center and founder of The Attention Disorders Clinic. She is a past member of the national board of the International Dyslexia Association and is the 2007 recipient of the Rebecca Brock Richardson award.

Bassett, Diane

Diane S. Bassett

Diane S. Bassett is a professor in the School of Special Education at the University of Northern Colorado. She has taught general and special education in elementary, secondary, and postsecondary institutions, and in both public and private schools.

John L. Luckner

John Luckner is a professor in the School of Special Education at the University of Northern Colorado. He has worked as a classroom teacher, teacher trainer, researcher, and author for the past three decades. His primary professional interests include teacher preparation, language and literacy development, and collaboration. He is the co-author of four books and one test, the author of several textbook chapters, and he has written more than 75 juried journal articles.

Simpson, Richard

Richard L. Simpson

Richard L. Simpson was Professor Emeritus at the University of Kansas. He was a member of the Department of Special Education faculty for over 40 years.