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Leah M. Melber

Leah M. Melber, Ph.D. has nearly 20 years experience within informal and formal science education. She holds a BA in Zoology, an MA in … through the California Science Teachers Association. She joined the staff of …

Mantzicopoulos, P.

Panayota Youli Mantzicopoulos

science inquiry activities and on investigating the development of children’s socially derived meanings about science. Visit her at …

Fang, Zhihui

Zhihui Fang

practices to support science teaching and learning. Zhihui has authored over … describes a new approach to teaching reading in the subjects of science

Sanchez, Horacio

Horacio Sanchez

promoting student resiliency and applying brain-science to improve school … research, science, and practice. He has authored several articles and books on …

Sylwester, Robert

Robert Alfred Sylwester

developments in science and technology. He has written 20 books and curricular … cognitive science research, published in Educational Leadership. He has made …

Roger T. Johnson

nongraded situations, cottage schools, and departmentalized (science) schools … with the Elementary Science Study in the Educational Development Center …

Philp, Raleigh

Raleigh T. Philp

teaching science and health methods courses in the graduate school of … Excellence in Science Teaching, as well as a Fulbright grant. Philp, Raleigh …

Jan L. Stivers

Janet L. Stivers is associate professor of special education at Marist College, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, member of … has won the Social and Behavioral Sciences Faculty of the Year Award …

Chamberlain, Kathleen

Kathleen Chamberlain

journal articles about middle schools and science education and has … science in education degree from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. She …

Bryant, Miles

Miles T. Bryant

For many years, Miles T. Bryant has taught a course in the construction of the doctoral dissertation, working with hundreds of doctoral students in education and social sciences. Dr. Bryant earned his degree at …

Johnson, Kelly

Kelly Johnson

A faculty member in teacher education at San Diego State University and a teacher at Health Sciences High and Middle College, Dr. Kelly Johnson devotes much of her work to the middle and secondary …

James, Danielle

Danielle C. James

Danielle James is a graduate of Western Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Education. She has taught primary grades across the state of North Carolina …