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Susan Joy Stephens

S. Joy Stephens has taught middle and high school students of all levels and abilities in differentiated science, math, and foreign language classrooms. She is a presenter and trainer in practical …

Johnson, Kelly

Kelly Johnson

A faculty member in teacher education at San Diego State University and a teacher at Health Sciences High and Middle College, Dr. Kelly Johnson devotes much of her work to the middle and secondary …

James, Danielle

Danielle C. James

Danielle James is a graduate of Western Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Education. She has taught primary grades across the state of North Carolina …

Neagoy, Monica

Monica M. Neagoy

Science Foundation (NSF), where she oversaw national projects. As an … Association for the Advancement of Science. Since 2005, she broadened her … arts and the sciences, and mindfulness training through yoga practice and …

Calderon, Margarita

Margarita Espino Calderon

Education Institute for Education Sciences’ National Literacy Panel for … science, social studies, and language arts teachers in New York City’s middle … Education Sciences

Horn, Patty

Patty J. Horn

Elementary Education and a specialization in Math and Science. She has … School Administrators, Science Teachers Association, and the Association of … for Math, Science, and Technology Education, Outstanding Contributor to …

Susan Jafferies Kovalik

followed by a science teacher in a K-6 elementary school of 1,200 and a GATE … science in Monterey County, CA. Over 700 teachers participated in the program known as Monterey County Science Improvement Project …

PLC+ Consultants

Diego State University and a leader at Health Sciences High & Middle … Diego State University and a leader at Health Sciences High and Middle … students. She is also an administrator at Health Science High and a lecturer …

Sally Berman

during her 30 years of teaching science in a large Chicago-area high …

Paula Jameson Whitney

Paula Jameson Whitney has been an educator for 21 years. During that time, she has been a middle school teacher of language arts, ESL, and social science; middle school vice principal; elementary …