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Let's make the "next normal" a "better normal."

Explore professional books and service offerings for teachers, coaches, and school leaders so that, together, we can benefit from the lessons learned to accelerate learning, rebuild agency, and rethink schools. It's time to "rebound" to a better normal!

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What is Evaluating Instructional Leadership?

The Evaluating Instructional Leadership seminars are structured … RPs) for Success in leadership coaching and evaluation.   … of leadership performance in order to significantly increase student …

Evaluating Instructional Leadership Success Stories

Instructional Leadership, Volusia County Schools, Ray Smith, Julie Smith, Corwin" title="Evaluating Instructional Leadership Case Study: Volusia County Schools" … in the critical areas of leadership to effectively lead their schools …

Meet the Collaborative Leadership Consultants

DeWitt, Collaborative Leadership, Corwin" title="Peter DeWitt" … internationally focusing on collaborative leadership and fostering inclusive school … a school leadership coach. Additionally, Peter is a Visible Learning …

Virtual Consulting

Collaborative Leadership Virtual Consulting In the Collaborative Leadership virtual consulting series, new and veteran educators in all leadership positions will develop the skills and expertise to work …

Episode 3: Navigating Resistance to Equity Work

Krull, authors of Principal Leadership for Racial Equity: A Field Guide for … developing racially conscious leadership has been recognized nationally and is published in numerous scholarly journals. She currently provides leadership

Teach to Lead

for teacher leadership, particularly those that allow teachers to stay … working to support teacher leadership; share resources to create new opportunities for teacher leadership; and encourage people at all levels to commit …