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Stanford-Blair, Nancy

Nancy Stanford-Blair

Nancy Stanford-Blair is a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and the Leadership Center at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She also serves as a leadership

Dickmann, Michael

Michael H. Dickmann

Educational Leadership and the Leadership Center at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He also serves as a leadership, learning, and … the second edition of Mindful Leadership (Corwin Press 2008 …

Taylor, Rosemarye

Rosemarye T. Taylor

Leadership at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. As Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Central Florida, her specialty is systematic leadership to improve student achievement Pk-20, which …

McBeth, Mark

Mark E. McBeth

postsecondary level includes serving as director for a leadership educational and development program, director for a non-profit leadership development program, and has taught numerous leadership courses. He designed and directed the …

Crowther, Francis

Frank Allan Crowther

scholar and researcher in educational manage­ment and leadership. He is professor and direc­tor of the Leadership Research Institute at the University … recognition of his services to educational leadership. Crowther, Francis …

Elizabeth C. Reilly

director of the doctoral program in Educational Leadership for Social Justice … she established the joint doctoral program in Leadership for Educational … and researches internationally on education; leadership; organizational …

Devin, Mary

Mary E. Devin

Under her leadership, the district partnered often with a university, implementing academies to prepare administrators and to build teacher leadership … the Department of Educational Leadership, and serves as co-liaison for …

Raskin, Candace

Candace Raskin

developing racially conscious leadership has been recognized nationally and is published in numerous scholarly journals. She currently provides leadership … Department of Educational Leadership. She is the co-founder and facilitator of …

Coble, Larry

Larry D. Coble

Leadership Services, A Division of The Coble Professional Group, a leadership … Greensboro. He provides speeches and seminars on leadership nationwide. He was a Senior Program Associate at the Center for Creative Leadership and served …

Bolman, Lee

Lee G. Bolman

Lee G. Bolman is the Marion Bloch/Missouri Chair in Leadership at the … speaker, he has written numerous books on leadership and organizations with … Artistry, Choice, and Leadership (1991, 1997), as well as The Path to School …

Sarah V. Mackenzie

educational leadership at the University of Maine. She has dealt with ethical … educational leadership. Her most recent book, Uncovering Teacher LeadershipLeadership titled “Uncovering Teacher Leadership.” In all of her …

Harris, Alma

Alma Harris

Leadership at the Institute of Educational Leadership, University of … the Institute of Educational Leadership at the University of Malaya … Leadership Matters (2013), and Uplifting Leadership (2014) with Andy …