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Taylor, Kandice

Kandice Taylor

principal for Towson University. She is also a founding partner in Equity in …

Toe, Johari

Johari Toe

professional developments to diverse audiences, discussing equity and education …

Piowlski, Lori

Lori R. Piowlski

equity in teacher education.  She received her Ph.D. from …

Stewart, Mary

Mary Amanda Stewart

our work in education should lead to greater equity in society, she also …

Berkowicz, Jill

Jill Berkowicz

Jill Berkowicz, Ed.D. has spent her 30-year career in education focusing on issues of equity and best practices in curriculum, instruction, assessment, and technology, as they …

Delale-O'Connor, Lori

Lori Delale-O'Connor

Record, Equity and Excellence in Education, Education and Urban Society, and …

Amy Jo Mazur

inspiration to her as she seeks to promote social justice and equity.  Mazur …

Briscoe, Felecia

Felecia M. Briscoe

Felecia M. Briscoe, an associate professor, focuses her research on the relationship between power and knowledge. Her research interests are concerned with the development of educational equity