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Koestler, Courtney

Courtney Koestler

Courtney Koestler is currently the Director of the OHIO Center for Equity in Mathematics and Science (OCEMS) and … teaching and learning as a equity- and justice-oriented endeavor …

PLC Professional Development

evidence-based instruction with an emphasis on equity and activation? And most … and collective efficacy, expectations, equity, and the activation of … the PLC+ framework: Equity

Talitha Agan

interests include educational equity issues in the Central Valley of …

Hawkins, Ryan

Ryan Hawkins

Ryan’s drive to improve student equity and his commitment to educator …

Elizabeth C. Reilly

Equity at the University of California, Berkeley. Today, Elizabeth presents …

Terrell, Eloise

Eloise Kemp Terrell

Eloise Terrell is a life-long champion for social justice, equity and inclusion. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband who is also a co-author on this edition of the book. She worked for 15 years in California …

Jennifer Knudsen

on students’ engagement in mathematics as an equity issue throughout …

Kim, Hee-Joon

Hee-Joon Kim

understanding and promote equity. She received a B.S. in Mathematics at Ewha …

Montie, Joanne

Jo Montie

greater access and equity for all learners.   Montie …