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Martinez, Richard

Richard S. Martinez

leadership. As an executive director of a center for diversity and equity, he …

Chardin, Mirko

Mirko Chardin

He delivers keynotes across the nation on equity, social justice and …

Michelle S. Karns

achieving equity and excellence. She is an author of several books and …

Griffin, Linda

Linda Griffin

focused on teacher enhancement, gender equity, and parent involvement in the …

Casey, Tamika

Tamika Casey

specialist for the Department of Equity and Targeted Student Achievement …

Hannigan, John

John E. Hannigan

co-authored nine books, and is the co-founder of Hannigan Ed-Equity Group …

Nguyen, Ho

Ho Hai Nguyen

in SFUSD, joining secondary mathematics teachers into an equity

Stern, Julie

Julie Harris Stern

promotes sustainability, equity, and well-being. She is a James Madison …

Staeheli, Martha

Martha Staeheli

and mental health disorders, issues of health disparity and equity, and …