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Arki, Shemariah

Shemariah J. Arki

facilitate, and evaluate curricula that promote institutional equity … Arki received a graduate certificate from the Penn Equity Institute for Doctoral Students from the Center for The Study of Race & Equity in …

Arriaga, Trudy

Trudy T. Arriaga

Equity and Outreach in the Graduate School of Education at Cal Lutheran … A Culturally Proficient Response for Gender Equity and  Opening … and equity institutes and professional development to align the actions …

Dugan, Jamila

Jamila S. Dugan

As a school administrator, Jamila championed equity-centered student … currently serves as an equity-centered leadership development coach across all … Leadership for Equity from University of California, Berkeley. Jamila is also …

Mary Ann Lachat

helping schools achieve equity and high quality learning for all students … Laboratory at Brown University include: Standards, Equity, and Cultural …

Ellis, Debbie

Debbie Ellis

partnerships, educational equity, and early childhood parent education. Ellis … school-family partnerships, educational equity, and academic achievement. She …

Skrla, Linda

Linda E. Skrla

schools. Her research focuses on educational equity issues in school … which is Using Equity Audits to Create Equitable and Excellent Schools …

Brinkley-Parker, Sharone

Sharone Brinkley-Parker

equity and access in education while consulting with several entities. She … Proficiency Conference, National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE … Inc.She is also a founding partner in Equity in …

Hammond, Zaretta

Zaretta Lynn Hammond

development around the issues of equity, literacy, and culturally responsive … national education reform organizations, including the National Equity … a strong research agenda around literacy, vocabulary development, and equity

Torres, Angela

Angela Nicole Torres

joined a team working to support the movement towards equity for all … Towards Equity through Core Values,” and two co-authored pieces with Lizzy … Equity.” Torres, Angela …

Durant, Tracey

Tracey L. Durant

University.Dr. Durant is a founding partner with Equity in … oppression that operate in social services organizations. She is an equity instructor with the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity providing …

Amy McCart

She is the Co-Principal Investigator for the Equity … Education.  The focus of this work is to bring about equity in student …

Gupton, Sandra

Sandra Lee Gupton

PreK–12 and higher education leadership effectiveness, gender equity, program reform, and school improvement. Her early research on gender equity